Why reading is a no-brainer!

Why reading is a no-brainer!

If you are reading this blog, you are well on your way to helping your child’s development already!

As a mother, I have always been bombarded on how to raise my child. What should he eat? How many hours of sleep is enough? What classes he must take? What vitamin supplements he must be given and a lot more. The one thing I was not told (and wish I was), was how I should make reading fun for him. So much fun that reading becomes the first choice of entertainment before any electronic device. 

Many years down the line, I have invented and re-invented on how we (as a family) make reading fun. First, here is my list of what won’t work:

  1. Providing books that aren’t age appropriate 
  2. Making reading akin to “boring” text books 
  3. Introducing books very late in a child’s life
  4. You being on the phone or talking over your child’s head when he/she is trying to understand the text
  5. Making reading a punishment 
  6. Reading to just getting it done with!

I am sure you get the gist by now.

What does work is:

1. Providing books that are age appropriate. 

Regardless of age, pick up a book for his or her age and read. You will be surprised at how much these small, beautiful minds absorb. 

2. Create a cozy space for you and your little reader/ listener. 

Some pillows (under a tent or on a bed) in a well-lit room and your child’s favourite blanket to cuddle with works wonders. If this becomes a daily habit around bedtime, it is honestly the greatest gift you will give your child. The bond you will form is an added bonus!

3. Mix the books up! 

If it’s a counting book one day, pick up a fairy tale next. Mixing up topics and books always fills a child with surprise and excitement. 

4. Talk. Ask questions. Interact. 

Reading isn’t a monologue. It is a discussion. “Do you like this book?” “What did you like best about it?” “Why did Jack climb the beanstalk?” “Can you climb a beanstalk?” You will be happily surprised at the answers you get!

5. Gift books. 

You are gifting a child the joy of reading. At Story For Me, we are mothers first and then into the business of selling books. Having said that, we have introduced personalised story books with an objective to create meaningful memories with books. Watching a child’s eyes light up with joy as they see their name throughout the book while they are the hero of the story is priceless.

Life around us isn’t what exactly “normal” is right now with the pandemic. It is, therefore, even more important to have your child pick up a great book after a long day of online-learning. I have often been told by people older than me that the best things in life cost nothing- a smile, a hug and love. Sometimes I think that is true of books too!

The author is a mother and entrepreneur who loves books (in case you didn’t get that already!)

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